In keeping with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine's historic pedigree, The Well Travelled Clinic has been helping those travelling to the tropics since the 1950's.

Their advice is current and country specific, ensuring travellers are treated with relevant vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis service.

Profits they make are reinvested to support the research and development LSTM do in controlling diseases of poverty developing effective healthcare systems for lesser developed countries.

Bolt-on extras

Remora comes looking great out of the box, but Well Travelled Clinic had specific needs that required add-ons.

1. Creating a reuseable promotional space for the external NathNAC clinic - distinct enough from the rest of the website to highlight the relationship between the Well Travelled Clinic and the National Travel Health Network and Centre.

2. Requesting an appointment through the site is a key piece of functionality. With the Well Travelled Clinic catering to many destinations and tropical disease threats, such forms could easily become gigantic and difficult to navigate. The form we created hides or reveals information as necessary, making it far easier to digest for travellers hoping for in-person advice.

The communications team at Well Travelled Clinic were keen for a short turnaround on their new site, and worked hard to meet their end of the bargain by moving their content over in record time. After getting a feel for the way Well Travelled Clinic wanted their site to look, we created a design treatment that works well with the excellent bank of images the Well Travelled Clinic has at their disposal.

The result is one of our best looking sites to date, it's great to have deepened our ties to the great work Liverpool are doing in global health and we hope Well Travelled Clinic are proud of their new online home.

Philippa Tubb
Managing Director
Well Travelled Clinics

Well Travelled Clinics wanted an affordable, flexible website solution.  The Remora option from Mantaray has given us a clean, fresh website that we can manage ourselves.  Easy to use and we are already getting great feedback from clients on the new website