​Global Atlas of Helminth Infections

The inspiration for Thiswormyworld stretches back to a 60 year old question posed by Dr Norman Stoll, “Just how much human helminthiasis is there in the world?”.

The aim of the website is to provide reliable, up-to-date maps on the geographical distribution of NTDs - essential for policy makers and the managers of public health programmes to target treatment to populations in greatest need.

At the time of launch there is 711 maps and 151 data sets covering 161 countries and further maps are continually being added. This is an important, growing resource so our approach was to ensure the number of different types of maps and data is accessible to all users. Promoting the training of how to make the most of the maps is also a priority for GAHI.

GAHI gave us some much appreciated feedback and analytics after we overhauled the look, functionality and usability of their website back in April 2014.

Some number crunching on the growth in engagement since the relaunch:

  • Sessions are up by 21%
  • Pages per session are up by 18%
  • Sessions duration is up by 58%
  • Page views are up by 42%
  • Users are up by 15%
  • Bounce rate has gone down by 21%

We’re very much looking forward to continue working with GAHI to help them support their mission to provide accurate and up-to-date maps of helminth distribution, and improve on these figures.

Simon Brooker
Professor of Epidemiology

Working with Manta Ray Media (MRM) to develop our website has been excellent.

We wanted to create an open-access, global information resource on the distribution of worm infections. MRM straightaway understood our needs and shared our passion to create this open resource. They came up with some great technical solutions to our requirements, and their knowledge of the international health community was particularly helpful. The final product was a website which was visually appealing and very easy to navigate, enabling users to visualise the assembled data and maps.