MESA's mission is to advance the science of malaria eradication

MESA is striving to make its impact through three principal functions:

  1. Providing the community with a dedicated platform to drive an evidence-based approach to global malaria eradication.
  2. Creating knowledge management tools to accelerate and expand the impact of the relevant evidence base.
  3. Accelerating research, especially in areas relevant for policy makers and programmes

So what did this mean for the website?

They needed to provide the community with a dedicated hub to track research, share relevant resources, and showcase examples of elimination programmes. And a simple and intuitive way to showcase their grants, which are set up help accelerate research in areas relevant for policy makers and programmes.

To support their aims our challenge was to ensure the focus of the website was on these 3 key areas – knowledge, research and elimination, and to make sure it was easy for people to search the research and resource databases.

Once the functionality of the site was nailed, we were down to the small matter of the design brief. Clean is a slightly overused word in the design world, but when dealing with an abundance of information, balancing clutter against clarity is a delicate business. With a little back and forth we think manages to present complexity in a neat, digestible package.

Check out the Knowledge Hub to discover hidden gems in their growing archive of global resources relevant to malaria elimination.

MESA Track is a living database of active research projects, researchers and institutions critical to the malaria elimination and eradication research agenda. Search the database to track what the scientific community is doing. And view the data visualisations for an overview and to help guide your search, whether this is by theme or region. The queues of researchers at ASTMH in 2014 suggest that it’ll be a valuable tool in the bid to eradicate malaria.

Looking ahead the plan is to track the research over time and we’re looking forward to more organisations getting involved and adding their projects to the database to make this a really powerful tool. is a true reflection of our great working relationship with MESA, it was a fun challenge for Manta and MESA alike, but we’re really proud to be part of MESA alliance’s goal of eradicating malaria.
Kate Whitfield
Project Manager

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