Overseas collaborations

Mark Rowland, Professor of Medical Entomology, talks about why overseas collaborations are so important to the work of the Malaria Centre

Multi-disciplinary research

Professor Chris Drakeley, Director of the Malaria Centre, talks about the importance of multi-disciplinary research


Dr Clare Chandler, Lecturer in Social Science, discusses about how being part of the Malaria Centre network has helped her in her career

Career development

Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Mary Oguike, discusses how the Malaria Centre has helped her develop her career

Dalia Iskander
Malaria Centre Co-ordinator
Malaria Centre

As always, it was a pleasure to work with you all. Thank you for making it a painless, jargon-free and even fun process. It has made a massive difference to the Centre, our sense of identity and hopefully to our long-term sustainability.