Deepening knowledge

MMV’s Severe Malaria Observatory thought Remora was the perfect tool for the sharing of experiences and best practices in the field of severe malaria.

The SMO was created to shine a light on severe malaria, and will store a host of information and resources on this fatal disease.


We’ve been working with MMV for a number of years now, having recently created their own site, and when they came to us with the need for a flexible site within a short lead time, we thought Remora was a good fit. 

The relationship we have with MMV and the SMO team was vital to the development of our Remora website template. Feedback sessions and ad-hoc suggestions helped us further understand the requirements of the global health community, and as a result Remora continues to improve.


Collaboration (part II)

SMO understand that the severe malaria community will need to collaborate for the greatest impact, and welcome submissions that will benefit the greater severe malaria community and improve the Observatory.

We're looking forward to watching the Severe Malaria Observatory grow, and we're extremely proud to be associated with them.

Adrienne MacDonald
Online Communications Officer - MMV
The Severe Malaria Observatory

Manta Ray has done it again coming up with this new innovative tool. We’re looking forward to using Remora to develop a new knowledge sharing platform for severe malaria.