Projects and their outputs

The Infectious Disease Dynamics Group (IDDG) projects encompass a variety of diseases from cholera, HIV to influenza (and how it's spread between school children). 

One of the key objectives of the site was for each project to show project leads and collaborators, and for assets such as publications and resources to be collated and shared. In the case of cholera, an interactive map allows the user to browse and download data and maps on the world-wide distribution of cholera incidence and risk.

Project updates are provided with an automatic feed based on twitter hashtags - if IDDG tweet material related to a specific project, including the hashtag it is automatically placed on the relevant project.

Their project work includes the following:

  • Dynamic modelling and real time analyses to respond to emerging disease threats
  • Characterizing the immune landscapes of human influenza in southern china
  • Interdisciplinary HIV research focused on the application of mechanistic models and molecular epidemiology
Who's involved

The Infectious Disease Dynamics Group (IDDG) is made up of a large, diverse group of faculty, post-docs, students and collaborators so it was important to find an attractive but nicely organised way to present them in a long list.