Raising standards

FMLM's main goal is to raise standards of patient care by improving medical leadership.

FMLM are also keen to raise the standards of the experience users have when browsing the FMLM website.

Running a survey to ask their audience about what could be improved prompted lots of discussion, once again proving the value of user feedback!

Locating resources and services provided by FMLM was a common theme in the suggestions for improvement.

A fairly dramatic overhaul of the top menu navigation introduced the ability to go directly to landing pages catered to individual career stages.

The resources and networking events relevant to a medical student may not be useful for senior medical leaders, and this is an important part of the journey users of the FMLM site take.

As part of the evolution of the site, we made a few subtle design changes to create a friendlier tone for the site.

We liked the crisp, professional feel of the previous iteration, but felt a few colour accents would make the site more inviting, and dropping borders around images resulted in cleaner lines around the site.

It's far more interesting to take a look for yourselves rather than have it explained – all feedback welcome!

Kirsten Armit
Faculty Manager

Manta Ray Media have been excellent to work with on the development of our website and CRM.

They understood what our organisation is about and aiming to achieve from the beginning and worked closely with us to develop a modern quality website that meets the expectations of our members and stakeholders.