Remora - our global health website template
15 Jul 2016
Steve Lacey

We've built a lot of bespoke websites in our 9 years of working for global health organisations. Creating a site from scratch can be a lengthy process and many hours are often spent with clients discussing their work in detail. Not every organisation needs or wants this kind of engagement in order to create their site and in our experience even when their goals differ wildly, their websites often share key features and functionality.

A website template for global health organisations

This is why we decided to create Remora - a straightforward website template that packages common needs, and looks great on any device. Remora minimises the time and budget needed to create your site whilst still being professional, functional and easy to update.

Key benefits of Remora

  • we can build and design a budget-friendly website in a matter of days
  • you receive the same level of support and training that we give to all our clients enabling you to update and look after your site
  • it is optimised for all devices such as tablets, desktops and smart phones
  • it's flexible so you can grow your site in different ways as your organisation or project evolves
  • you have full control over your content
  • you get access to our years of global health experience!

Remora has flexible templates so you can create many of the usual pages you find on a global health website:

  • projects  -  showing off all your groundbreaking research
  • publications  -  display your latest research outputs
  • resources  -  share your protocols, reports and knowledge
  • people and teams  -  showcase your expertise and governance
  • news and events  -  share your latest updates of interest to your audience
  • partners  -  promote organisations you collaborate with
  • Twitter feeds, social media share buttons etc  -  attract and engage your audience

Grow and evolve

While Remora is quick to launch, it’s worth noting that it’s also flexible.  Your site can be moulded to reflect any future requirements you may have. We often implement additional functionality to sites long after build, if your organisation evolves a need to include more sophisticated tools, Remora is more than capable to evolve with it.

If our Remora wesbite template sounds like something that might be useful for you, just give us a call on +44 (0)20 3815 7155 or email remora [at] for more information!