Affordable, flexible websites, fast-tracked

Remora is our template-based website builder, developed especially for the global health community. It allows us to deliver a high quality website, carefully tailored to your needs, without the higher price tag or long wait of a ground-up, bespoke build.

It’s the simple and affordable way to create a website for your research or development initiative.


Features to make you happy

At Remora’s core is a flexible content page builder. Our tried and tested templates are developed specifically to cater for global health content, and give you the structure you need for a great site. Page templates include:

  • News article
  • Event
  • Resource
  • Person
  • Team
  • Organisation

Manage content with ‘nuggets’. Nuggets help you build pages - insert text, photos, forms, testimonials, maps, and more. Move them. Delete them. Play until it’s perfect.

Tweak your layouts. Remora lets you simply drag and drop sections into position, or control columns within them. 

Change your look. Our ready to go palettes give you confidence to experiment without fear of concocting a bad dreamcoat of too many colours.

Share the latest. Adding feeds from social media and relevant outlets gives your site dynamism and your visitors an at-a-glance digest of what’s going on in your field.

Tag it and bag it. Remora makes it easy to get the user data you need to improve your site, without privacy invasion or confused metrics. 

No two Remora websites look the same.

Our dedicated designer works closely with you to create a bespoke feel for your website that looks great on any device.

Remora gives you all the features for a fantastic site right out-of-the-box. However, if you want to add extra functions, we’ve another box of tricks to match your content needs. From interactive world maps to imported peer-reviewed publications, to membership directories - there’s an add-on to help.

  • Interactive world map
  • Member directory
  • Promos
  • Banners
  • Blogs
  • Charts
  • Testimonials
  • Flow - timeline
  • Jobs
  • Webforms
  • Multilingual support
  • Pubmed importer

We do everything we can to support the success of your project.

Our 1-on-1 training sessions help you prepare your site for launch, along with easy to follow guides on getting started and customising your Remora site.

Your website is just the beginning. We offer a range of creative services to ensure your site grows alongside your initiative.

We can design your logo, write your copy and even manage content for you. Just let us know what help you need.

Why we built a website builder

Our time spent crafting bespoke websites for global health organisations gave us a pretty good understanding of the essential and requested features that are shared across the sector. Designing templates around these universal features offered the possibility of a platform that could deliver sites more quickly, at lower cost, but with plenty of functionality and flexibility.

And why “Remora”?

We called our website builder Remora after the wily tropical fish that lives in harmony with mantas absorbing unwanted nutrients from the rays it hitches a ride on. Remora sites are easy to manage and can be built in days or weeks, but they arrive stuffed to the gills with Manta Ray’s many years of development experience.

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Remoras on a manta ray