Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

RSTMH are a charity and membership society dedicated to saving lives by improving tropical medicine and global health.
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New website

RSTMH are a charity and membership society dedicated to saving lives by improving tropical medicine and global health. They distribute grants, medals and awards, publish two prestigious journals, run a lively events programme around the world, and provide community and careers support for all their members in over 90 countries.

The challenge

Wide-ranging and geographically dispersed activities present a distinct digital communication challenge, as people bring very different requirements, interests and expectations to RSTMH’s website. Visitors need to find what they are looking for quickly (grant application info, peer contacts, research papers etc) but the Society also want to encourage browsing of their resources to foster community, build new audiences and raise their profile.

Remora to the rescue

Our Remora platform has been designed to provide a dynamic home for exactly this kind of multi-levelled demand. It cuts through complicated organisational structures and smiles in the face of competing user hierarchies. We worked closely with RSTMH to identify priorities and bugbears, and set about creating a clean Remora design that takes all visitors where they want to go efficiently, while inspiring them to explore a little further.

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Fresh brand. Friendly feel.

Key to getting the mix right for RSTMH was a freshening of the Society’s brand, as an innovative, locally rooted organisation on the frontline of tropical health issues. Our interactive map showcases the great work members are getting up to around the world, and where ambassadors and assessors are based.

screenshot of the RSTMH members area map

Getting a friendly feel was important, and a members’ area allows RSTMH to tailor content and build a diverse, supportive community, with a searchable directory of opted-in members to help make connections and share advice, experience and ideas. But all users are empowered by the site, which is informative and CTA rich, rewarding curiosity and exploration.

Getting the databasics right

With Remora, database integration is a much smoother affair. Our Drupal-based site integrated with CiviCRM makes RSTMH membership, payment and database administration a breeze. Members can sign up, pay and get immediate access to restricted areas. With all information stored in CiviCRM they can also edit their details at any time, as well as opting in or out of the members’ directory.

The proof in the pudding

RSTMH’s new site gives them full control of their content, in a structure that ensures each strand of activity is framed as a chapter that contributes to the larger story the organisation wants to tell. With Remora we aim for a sweet spot of content flexibility and framing, and RSTMH’s new site has been proving itself since launch.

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