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A road map challenge

ESPEN works to reduce and eliminate the most prevalent Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). With the WHO launching a new NTD road map in 2021, setting ambitious global action goals for 2030, there is a pressing need to strengthen the information systems that enable data-driven decisions to be made.

A simple brief - to equip stakeholders with the evidence they need to tackle each NTD, mobilise resources and target interventions efficiently - was made rather more complex by dispersed datasets, varied programme stages and competing communication approaches. As you might expect with 48 member countries.

The journey

As longtime evangelists for data-based storytelling, ESPEN’s challenge was very much our cup of tea. Their request for a beautifully designed information exchange platform was our cup of tea in our favourite cafe located right up our alley.

We set about understanding who exactly would use the platform, and aimed to restore data simplicity, designing relevant resources that could be relied on for currency and accuracy. Partnering with our old friends and data collection whizzkids Standard Co, we created a dynamic and interactive NTD data site, alive with continually updating maps, dashboards and visualisations.


Maps. A carefully calibrated data-flow pipeline enables maps of national and sub-national NTD data to be generated and added immediately to the site. There are over 12,500 downloadable maps (as of March 2022) on the platform, with ESPEN now able to turn data submissions into clear, easily digested information in no time at all.

By country dashboards. Feeding off the ESPEN NTD database, user-tailored dashboards give at-a-glance updates on the latest progress and forecast data.

Search and download. A high degree of flexibility lets users get to the exact stats they want, by region, country, disease or programme stage. Underlying data for maps is easily downloadable too.

Joint Application Packages. Crucial data shared from AFRO member health ministries as part of ESPEN’s survey work, is fully accessible as part of the portal.

A fuller picture. As well as analytical tools, data is collected within individual country profiles, giving vital context for each member state.

    Fellow passengers

    The ESPEN data portal marks a significant investment in the NTD world, and we designed the site with our eyes on the horizon. Collaborative in nature, the platform continues to evolve and improve as we work with many partners, including the ESPEN team, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation NTD team, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine LASER group and Standard Co.

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