Disability Evidence Portal

Making evidence count for people with disabilities
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The Disability Evidence Portal is a knowledge exchange platform that seeks to enable and empower decision makers with evidence-based knowledge to make decisions on how best to improve access, health, education, livelihood and social outcomes for people with disabilities worldwide.

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Finding the evidence for all the important questions

The brainchild of Sir Tom Shakespeare, DEP aims to plug gaps in knowledge and strengthen disability-inclusive policy making. It was our pleasure working with Tom to realise his vision and shape a repository of solutions and tools that brings together research to produce a practical evidence base for decision makers.

The portal follows DEP’s three-stage ambition to improve disability-inclusive development:

  • identifying questions which reveal knowledge shortfalls
  • informing policy making through high quality evidence synthesis
  • getting to grips with the evidence-to-action gap

DEP is implemented through the International Centre for Evidence on Disability (ICED) at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.



screenshot of the DEP questions and evidence filtering



Let's be brief

The portal gets straight to business, with a direct, engaging design and a simple toggle for users to switch between evidence briefs and questions, with filters to refine by theme, and a text search.

Each evidence brief offers analysis of significant research on topics of interest. Briefs are displayed on the website, not, as is often the case, offered solely as a file for download. Working with the DEP team, we settled on the idea of a sticky menu that would also enable users to navigate around the portal.


screenshot of a brief from DEP


All the content on the site (briefs, questions and resources) is organised through key themes, and follows Tom’s pragmatic emphasis on getting traction for well-informed, disability-inclusive solutions. The DEP portal illustrates how a clear vision can be translated into an effective, user-focussed digital platform.

It’s an impressive resource, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it inspires and influences impactful change for people with disabilities, and generates inclusive policy innovation.

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