A few trends in web design have come and gone since we built the MMV site back in 2012 – one thing we notice from our clients is a need to lighten up the feel of sites.

Global health sites can involve some weighty blocks of text when you get into content, but if the journey to the content is attractive then users are more likely to drill down to it.

The previous MMV home page was of its time, like a lot of our global health clients, text links to every important area were crammed in “above the fold”, resulting in a dense layout.
In 2016, the idea of above the fold is dated. Users are happy to scroll, and are more likely to find what they’re looking for if it’s given a bit of room, and labelled in a straightforward manner. Images help, and the new home page is a refreshing contrast to the word soup of old!

If your site doesn't look great on devices of all sizes, you're ignoring a big chunk of your audience.  Making sure a user viewing the site on a mobile could interact with the site as well as on a desktop was a key aim for the rebuild of the MMV site.

The news area of MMV has a wealth of information in the form of articles, educational films and interviews with experts.

Our content model sorts them by type, then provides filter to help the user find what they’re interested in.

Jaya Banerji
Advocacy and Communications Director

Deciding to go with Manta Ray Media from among three strong contenders was a wise move - you've only to visit our site to see why.

Working with the small MRM team has been fun - they are creative and super-competent, patient listeners and swift implementers.

And to top it all, they deliver on time!