A still from 'A bit of fun' directed by Adam Brichto

How to write a good film brief

5 years 6 months
by Adam Brichto

The very earliest stage of film production, the writing of the client brief, is where inexperienced film commissioners so often go wrong. And although this may not appear at first to be a crucial stage of the process, it usually leads to a lot of time being wasted and a worse film at the end of it.

The main problem we find that clients encounter when communicating a brief is they unconsciously assume the filmmaker understands their organisation and motives. As a result, they don’t spend enough time explaining the bare basics of the project.

Malaria Vaccine Initiative website

5 years 7 months
by Matty Sayer

A safe, effective, and affordable malaria vaccine would close the gap left by other interventions.
Malaria represents one of the international community’s most pressing public health problems.

RSTMH Topics in Infection

5 years 9 months
by Jen Jones

Knowing what’s going on in global health is important for Manta Ray so naturally we jumped at the chance to attend the Topics in Infection 2016 conference at the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSTMH) on Thursday 4 February 2016.