Web Developer – London 

4 months 3 weeks
by Steve Lacey, Director

Interested in working on projects for fantastic organisations making the world a better place?

Vacancy - Finance and Office Manager

1 year 1 month
by Steve Lacey, Co-founder

Manta Ray is looking for someone to administer our finances and keep the office running smoothly. 

Finance Administrator and Office Manager 
Manta Ray, London, Old Street / Shoreditch 

Part time, permanent: 3-4 days per week
£20,000 to £28,000 FTE 

About us

We create elegant websites and build useful tech applications for people trying to make the world a better place.

STOP the press, we have three vacancies at Manta Ray!

2 years 2 weeks

Manta Ray are currently looking to add the following members to our team:

Finance and Office Manager
3-4 days per week (part-time, permanent)
£20,000 to £28,000 FTE


Digital Marketing Executive and Strategic Communications
2-3 days per week / flexible 21 hours a week (part-time, permanent or freelance)
£25,000 to £35,000 FTE

Vacancy - Digital Project Manager

2 years 3 weeks

Manta Ray is looking for a full-time Digital Project Manager

Digital Project Manager
5 days per week (full-time)

Salary: £25,000 - £35,000 a year (based on experience)

About us

We create elegant websites and build useful tech applications for people trying to make the world a better place.

Vacancy - Digital Marketing Executive and Strategic Communications

2 years 4 weeks
by Steve Lacey, Co-founder

Manta Ray is looking for someone to work part-time on digital marketing, communications and to support lead generation.

Digital Marketing Executive and Strategic Communications
2-3 days per week / flexible 21 hours a week

£25k to £35k FTE
Freelance or part-time contract

About us

We create elegant websites and build useful tech applications for people trying to make the world a better place.  

Impact of GDPR on data protection and privacy

2 years 3 months
by Ryan Nazareth

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force on 25 May 2018, replacing the current Data Protection Act, and will transform the way organisations store and process personally identifiable data. One of the most important developments is the strengthening of a number of 'data rights' for individuals who will be able to access their data free of charge and have the ablity to update their data and request their data to be deleted ('right to be forgotten').

100 years of influenza

2 years 5 months
by Nina Cromeyer Dieke

In 1918, as the world sighed in relief from war,  a deadly virus infected around 40% of the planet’s population. Spanish flu mortality estimates range from 20-50 million, more than the death toll of WW1 itself (17 million). The flu didn’t originate in Spain or have anything particularly Spanish about it. Wartime censorship prevented the press in warring countries from printing anything that undermined the war effort. However, in neutral Spain, the papers reported on the flu in May 1918, and it ramped up after Spanish King Alfonso XIII himself contracted the virus.

Twitter Analytics for Global Health - Exploratory Analysis and Visualisation

2 years 6 months
by Ryan Nazareth

In the first part of this blog, we have seen how to build an Natural Language Processing pipeline in Python to extract meanigful snakebite related tweets. We will now see what insights we can generate through exploration of the data using visualisations.

Snakes on a (graphic) plane

2 years 7 months
by Nina Cromeyer Dieke

“Challenges in life can either enrich you or poison you.” So said a motivational speaker.

Presenting data in a creative, accurate and accessible way is no easy feat. Those wanting to produce a good data visualisation, for whatever purpose, should be aware of several challenges lurking underfoot.

Data collection

GAHI home page

Show me the data

2 years 8 months
by Nina Cromeyer Dieke

Science is organised knowledge,” said German philosopher Immanuel Kant. And there’s a lot of new knowledge all the time; PLOS journals alone have published over 160,000 articles. So how can researchers organise all that newly found knowledge?

One way is with data visualisations.

Shaun Griffin - the latest member of team Manta

3 years 8 months
by Shaun Griffin

I’ve just come on board at Manta Ray Media. I have worked in heath and science communications for more than 20 years, after doing a PhD in cancer research. My expertise is in developing and delivering communications and stakeholder engagement strategies, including key messaging, brand and visual identities. I have been bought in to complete their communications offering and its great to be part of a team that does such inspiring work.

A picture of Cat and Dilwar

Generate London 2016

3 years 9 months
by Matty Sayer

Generate London 2016 is a tech and design conference run by net magazine and creative bloq.

We sent over designer Cat, and Alice, Jay and Dilwar from the developer team for inspiration and expert techy opinions to help us create better digital products for our clients. 

And here's a few of the team's highlights from the conference that are particularly relevant...

World wide web, not wealthy westerner web

RSTMH - Challenges in Disease Elimination

3 years 9 months
by Matty Sayer

No usual global health conference jolly to be had this time – we were in Cambridge for RSTMH’s Challenges in Disease Elimination conference in a professional capacity. RSTMH plays a leading role in increasing awareness of issues in tropical medicine and global health, and social media is an area in which they’re increasing their efforts. That’s where we came in with a bit of help.

The future of web design

3 years 9 months
by Matty Sayer

We’re a cosy-sized company, so it’s good for us to get in new blood with fresh ideas when the opportunity arises. We like taking a look at the next generation of tech talent too, so we took on Cameron from Abingdon School over the summer to give him some experience of the practical side of design work to complement the theory he’s learned during his GCSEs.

Here’s what he had to say about his time at Manta Ray:

Jargon busting

3 years 12 months
by Jen Jones

The Top #7 common web terms we're busting for our global health clients

Remora - our global health website template

3 years 12 months
by Steve Lacey

We've built a lot of bespoke websites in our 9 years of working for global health organisations, which has led us to create REMORA - a website template for global health organisations.

Scoping tools are only useful with high participation

Website builds - why it's important to get everyone involved early on.

4 years 3 weeks
by Matty Sayer

If you're in digital comms, you may know that getting colleagues involved in a new site build can be a thankless task. Sending out surveys and asking for input feels like nagging, and it’s difficult for those on the other end to understand why it’s useful.

Harder still to understand is why it needs to happen when scoping the site. That's before any code has been written, or any designs mocked up. It's a common problem, so thinking about how to explain it is worth your time.

A still from 'A bit of fun' directed by Adam Brichto

How to write a good film brief

4 years 1 month
by Adam Brichto

The very earliest stage of film production, the writing of the client brief, is where inexperienced film commissioners so often go wrong. And although this may not appear at first to be a crucial stage of the process, it usually leads to a lot of time being wasted and a worse film at the end of it.

The main problem we find that clients encounter when communicating a brief is they unconsciously assume the filmmaker understands their organisation and motives. As a result, they don’t spend enough time explaining the bare basics of the project.

Malaria Vaccine Initiative website

4 years 2 months
by Matty Sayer

A safe, effective, and affordable malaria vaccine would close the gap left by other interventions.
Malaria represents one of the international community’s most pressing public health problems.