Malaria Vaccine Initiative website
24 Apr 2016
Matty Sayer

Malaria represents one of the international community’s most pressing public health problems.

A safe, effective, and affordable malaria vaccine would close the gap left by other interventions.

We're proud to support the efforts the Malaria Vaccine Initiative are making towards developing candidates that target parasite transmission or prevention of infection.

MVI have a volume of resources to highlight how MVI and their partners are supporting not only the development of malaria vaccines, but their availability and use. We've made this backlog easy to navigate, grouping resources by type and presenting them clearly to allow the user to approach them from any possible point of interest.

Looking to the next five years, the Malaria Vaccine Initiative will focus on two priority areas:

  • Anti-infection vaccines (AIVs), which are meant to prevent infection in people bitten by infected mosquitoes.
  • Transmission-blocking vaccines (TBVs), which aim to prevent mosquitoes from becoming infected with malaria parasites when they feed on infected people.

These two approaches target key points in the life cycle of the malaria parasite:

  1. when the parasite transitions between the mosquito and human host
  2. when parasite numbers are low.

MVI partners with experts from government, academia, and industry to explore multiple vaccine concepts simultaneously and advance only the most promising candidates.

high level visual display of this progression gives a sense of the range of work MVI are supporting. We overhauled the visualisation of their project portfolios to make this as simple as possible, while layering the information to allow the user to go into as much detail as they choose for any individual project.

MVI aim to declare at least one product development candidate by the end of 2020 - when that time comes we hope our work has made their job easier!