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RT @MantaTrust: To celebrate #WorldMantaDay we have a very special message from our fantastic Patrons. Don't forget to check our Climate Ma…

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RT @MantaTrust: HAPPY WORLD MANTA DAY! The world’s climate is changing! We can't hide from the negative effects of climate change and how t…

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RT @NTD_NGOs: We are delighted to have welcomed 1,000 delegates to #NNN2021. We close our conference with a few words from the incoming NN…

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RT @NTD_NGOs: The Alma Ata Declaration states that “people have the right to participate in the planning & implementation of their health c…

Use your design skills to make the world a better place, working on projects for fantastic global health organisations.

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by Team Manta

We're looking for a talented UI/UX designer who is passionate about all things digital to join the team at Manta Ray, either in our London office or 100% remotely from a similar time zone, in a full or part-time capacity.

You'll be taking the lead on designing websites for our lovely, interesting clients in the UK, Europe, Africa and the US; organisations like the World Health Organisation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Global Fund. The sites you will design are content and data-rich so it's important they look great and are easy to use.

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RT @EastLondonGenes: 1/ South Asian people make up 23% of the world, but less than 1% of the participants in research studies. This has a r…

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RT @Kikundi_CoP: Curious about our name and logo? Kikundi is the Kiswahili word for “group,” while the logo is a West African Adinkra symbo…

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A great initiative raising awareness on #vaccine inequity around the world.

#LSTM’s #BumpitForward raises funds t… https://t.co/QziaA6UZlj

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@Kikundi_CoP is live! Kikundi is a Community of Practice (CoP) for Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) Program Manager… https://t.co/9itoAaeUDz

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RT @lnics17:

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RT @NHSMillion: If everyone who has been grateful for the NHS over the past 12 months followed and retweeted we’d reach a million followers…

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.@pandadoc we're experiencing performance issues and documents aren't loading. Is there an issue we need to be aware of?

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Watching the launch of the #NTDRoadMap2030 on YouTube is better quality than Zoom https://t.co/W1ieEUW2qE

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RT @Sightsavers: How can you provide treatment for #NeglectedTropicalDiseases when you can’t find the people most at risk? #Sightsavers’ re…

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More than 1.7 billion people around the world are affected by neglected tropical diseases. #EndTheNeglect on Janua… https://t.co/zgWixN0h3f

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RT @IDDOnews: January 30th is #WorldNTDDay. More than 1.7 billion people around the world are affected by neglected tropical diseases. It's…

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RT @ZeroLeprosy: Maria goes dancing regularly after receiving prostheses and high-quality orthopedic shoes from @dahw_germany. Let's #EndTh…

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RT @Sightsavers: Since 2002 the number of people at risk of potentially blinding trachoma has declined from 1.5 billion to 136.9 million. W…

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Christmas greetings (and info) from Manta Ray Media 

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Use your talents to make the world a better place. We support organisations at the front line of global health and… https://t.co/LmHS6eNXml