Generate London 2016
A picture of Cat and Dilwar
28 Sep 2016
Matty Sayer

Generate London 2016 is a tech and design conference run by net magazine and creative bloq.

We sent over designer Cat, and Alice, Jay and Dilwar from the developer team for inspiration and expert techy opinions to help us create better digital products for our clients. 

And here's a few of the team's highlights from the conference that are particularly relevant...

World wide web, not wealthy westerner web

Perhaps most relevant to our global health clients was Bruce Lawson’s session on catering to those in developing countries with often poor internet access.

He explained there’s a generation of people in developing countries who are growing up with the web, and if we want to reach the next 4 billion people, we’ll need to design with their constraints in mind.

So, how do you reach people who’ve skipped computers and are using low spec mobile phones, often with limited storage and minimal data packages? Plus it's also important to consider data is not cheap - it may take 30 hours of work to afford 500MB -  so users are wary!

Key to resolving this issue is to design sites that prioritise mobile space and by making your images responsive, which reduces data costs by 70%! Installable progressive web apps can bridge the gaps in internet access, which is a far better solution than bookmarking a site. These challenges will shape the future of web design, and short cuts such as relying on excellent imagery may become obsolete. Exciting times ahead!

Be the black sheep

Mike Kus gave an inspiring talk about how your uniqueness should be reflected by your website - but he's concerened that all sites are starting to look the same. This was great to hear as we always suggest to our clients to embrace what makes their organisation different, it’s what sets them apart and makes them special. It also provides us the with some inspiration to craft a distinctive and personal website.