The future of web design
20 Sep 2016
Matty Sayer

We’re a cosy-sized company, so it’s good for us to get in new blood with fresh ideas when the opportunity arises. We like taking a look at the next generation of tech talent too, so we took on Cameron from Abingdon School over the summer to give him some experience of the practical side of design work to complement the theory he’s learned during his GCSEs.

Here’s what he had to say about his time at Manta Ray:

“I really enjoyed my work placement at Manta Ray Media! All the staff were very friendly and I felt it was the perfect office environment in which to learn. I worked on developing branding ideas and design treatments for the company’s new product.

Part of this was coming up with a name for the product, I did some research into Manta Rays, and discovered a symbiotic relationship they have with the Remora fish, so put this idea to the team. I felt this task gave me great responsibility and liked the way that my ideas were taken into account, Manta Ray decided to go with Remora as the name of the new product!

My time at Manta Ray Media gave me a valuable insight into the world of web design and interactive media. It was a very beneficial experience and I have gained a lot of different skills, both creative and technical. I also gained much from finding out how people got into this type of job and this will all stand me in good stead in the future.”

Cameron's an absolute credit to Abingdon school, he’s shown a maturity beyond his years in his approach to work and his personable, considerate nature – it’s been a pleasure to have him on the team. Congrats on the amazing GCSE results, give us a ring when you’ve finished your A-levels!