Clear distinction

UKCDS needed a site that clearly defines the distinctions in their areas of work.

We use the UKCDS About page when we’re showing clients what a well thought out about page should do.  The content leads, short statements about the work UKCDS does are broken out with pictures, and given plenty of room to breathe.

Researcher hub

The intellectual challenges of global development issues require creative approaches from teams of scientists working across a variety of disciplines and sectors.

The Researcher hub promotes development issues as career opportunities for researchers who may consider their expertise too niche to be applicable to global development challenges.

Important insight

Case studies highlight researchers who have turned their knowledge toward global development, improving the lives of people around the world with technological advancements. 

Guiding the unfamiliar

FAQs guide those researchers that are interested, but unfamiliar with the funding landscape, providing information on creating collaborations with those that share common goals.

UKCDS hope that by supporting scientists to build partnerships and gain funding, the researcher hub can have a lasting impact on building the science for development community.