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RT @BovaNetwork: The BOVA website and funding call are now live https://t.co/Q4RgO9nOK7 Please RT @BBSRC @bshf @UCLGAfrica @UNHABITAT #NewU…

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RT @09Clive: A funding opportunity has arisen with the Bova network. Buildings and vector borne diseases see:

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RT @ASMicrobiology: "Antibiotic resistance is coming." #GOT @GameOfThrones #microbes #buttons #antibiotics #ASMMicrobe2016 #ASM #SciArt htt…

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@RockefellerFdn @TheLancetPlanet Perhaps the link is better! https://t.co/0C4YesRSAJ

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Damaging the planet damages human health. Love this #planetaryhealth infographic from @RockefellerFdn… https://t.co/06YrIyHGHt

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RT @PeterHotez: New @BBCNews Powerful story on the devastating health consequences of #measles and SSPE https://t.co/zWD0nu1KbU

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If you missed the @RSTMH #planetaryhealth event last week, here's the storify: https://t.co/suY6e9hzPw

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Snakebite kills more than any other WHO #NTD - could be far higher than expected. Community-lead evidence gathering… https://t.co/Wp53rJqKsz

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RT @BernadetteAbela: One Health concept important for Bangladesh: WHO Representative https://t.co/8JUT0MQ9eW

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RT @RSTMH: Our special issue on #PlanetaryHealth features #NTDs, refugees' healthcare needs & child nutrition https://t.co/KnAcSMHlCj #glob…

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RT @LSTMnews: #LSTM’s Dr Robert Harrison co-author on Nature Review Diseases Primer about #snakebite #envenoming https://t.co/24EKj196Xo #n…

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RT @RSTMH: Our special issue on #PlanetaryHealth is here! Thanks to @PeterHotez & Prof Haines, @LSHTMpress for contributing https://t.co/Kn

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Is it weird to feel emotionally attached to #Cassini after looking through these pics? https://t.co/XFEYiywm2J

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RT @nickcasewell: Fun(!) collecting #venom spat by spitting cobras & rinkhals

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Incredible contribution to #globalhealth - all the best in your "retirement"! https://t.co/Z1O3Cy29UN

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So many highlights from @RSTMH #planetaryhealth meeting at @FHhospitality - great setting too! https://t.co/EuDPTrHcli

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RT @MTufet: Have you ever heard of Podoconiosis? It's causing Ethiopia to lose $200M a year. @RSTMH emerging leader @KebedeDeribe can tell…

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.@KebedeDeribe describes use of athletes in advocacy for foot hygiene to prevent podoconiosis "runners care for their feet, why can't you?"

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.@PeterHotez suggests mapping of podoconiosis by @KebedeDeribe is great potential for advocacy, inclusion in list of #ntds?